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BioRankings Awarded $1.6M NIH SBIR Phase II Grant to Advance Development of Untargeted Metabolomics

St. Louis, MO – 06/18/2020 – BioRankings, a St. Louis-based consulting group focusing on innovation in statistics, today announced it has been awarded a $1,600,000 Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). This grant builds on the scientific progress made with their completed Phase I, $225,000 award to develop automatic, unbiased peak detection software for untargeted metabolomics data.

Co-Founder of BioRankings, Bill Shannon, PhD, expressed his excitement about the opportunity to continue the previous research saying, “Our Phase I showed great results. With this Phase II we will further develop the statistical and annotation tools while testing them on real data in conjunction with research collaborators at Washington University School of Medicine and other researcher labs.”

Software resulting from this grant will help metabolomics researchers speed up the analysis of raw data by quickly producing lists of clinically relevant metabolites based on validated statistical methods. This software addresses a huge unmet need in untargeted metabolomics research for fast, automatic, and accurate peak detection, and will integrate seamlessly with other multi-omics statistical packages developed by BioRankings and hosted on the Domino Data Science Platform.

"We are excited to partner with BioRankings to broaden availability of the Domino data science platform with their statistical consulting expertise for powerful analysis of -omic and multi-omic data sets in human studies," said Thomas Robinson, vice president of strategic partnerships and initiatives, Domino Data Lab. "The solution will help us address the biostatistical needs of more health and life sciences researchers who are developing translational medicine therapies, diagnostics, and medical procedures."

Dr. Gary Patti, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Washington University School of Medicine, will be contributing his expertise to the grant. “Bringing the statistical innovation of BioRankings to this area is an exciting way to push untargeted metabolomics research even further.”

The results of this innovative research have BioRankings and their partners poised to be major players in the $2B metabolomics market.

About BioRankings

BioRankings is a leader in providing statistical consulting and data analysis for clients in the –omics space. Spun out of Washington University School of Medicine in 2013, BioRankings has continued to develop and apply statistical methods to high-throughput, high-dimensional data and work closely with clients to help them meet their R&D goals. BioRankings has received multiple NIH SBIR grants to develop and commercialize statistical approaches for –omics data, including microbiomics, connectomics, and untargeted metabolomics. The Company is developing a platform technology to empower the –omics researcher to perform powerful, validated statistical tests on both single and multi-omics studies, including integration with covariates.

You can find out more about BioRankings’ services at


Ally McClure BioRankings 314.600.4489


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