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Best of BioRankings: 2020


A pandemic, social unrest, elections… oh my! What a year 2020 has been. Through it all we at BioRankings have been able to look back over this year and relish noteworthy accomplishments. Please enjoy our Year In Review.

As a result of the pandemic, we closed our offices located at Cortex CIC@CET and became a 100% virtual company. Our co-Founder Ally McClure shared lessons learned from our experience in the St. Louis Business Journal article, “The Reopening Files: Why a data startup ditched its office amid Covid-19.” Read the Article

We’ve added two new members to our team.

Rohan Mishra joins our team as a Research and Development Statistician. Rohan is a Spring 2020 Master of Science graduate from Washington University in St. Louis, Data Analytics & Statistics. He has already taken the lead with several clients including our philanthropic partner The Little Bit Foundation.

Fun Fact: Rohan started the Powerlifting Club while a student at Washington University in St. Louis.

Lauren Lee joins our team as a Software Developer. Lauren is a 2019 graduate of LaunchCode, a nonprofit offering tech education to people of all backgrounds along with job placement into the tech field. Lauren’s graphic design background along with her LaunchCode skills are already on display in creating UI/UX for current product development.

Fun Fact: Lauren's first experience with coding was learning BASIC at a computer camp when she was 10.

We’ve developed a strategic partnership with Domino Data Lab, a leader in the data science platform market. The BioRankings and Domino Data Lab partnership acts as a bridge connecting startups and smaller companies to the benefits of cloud computing and collaborative data analytics.

This partnership gives BioRankings clients cloud-based analytics services that leverages AWS and Azure, custom analytics pipeline development, and space for collaborative, version-controlled work across the full team. Read about our partnership

We were awarded a $1,600,000 Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to support our research in Object Oriented Data Analysis for Untargeted Metabolomics. The software resulting from this NIH grant addresses a huge unmet need in untargeted metabolomics research for fast, automatic, and accurate peak detection.

Our Co-Founder Bill Shannon was a featured presenter at two conferences this year.

Our Phase I SBIR grant, Analyzing Streaming Multi-Sensor Data to Predict Stroke in Preterm Babies, has received a fundable score from the NIH. This grant would allow us to work directly with our partners at St. Louis Children’s Hospital NICU and serve as an example case of the predictive power of our Spoke Analytics technology.

Our Multi-omics Analytics Platform, or MAP, has continued to be developed and refined. Built on the Domino Data Lab framework, the MAP gives access to database tools, bioinformatics tools, and translational statistical methods for integrated multi-omics analytics.

Through it all it has been a noteworthy year! We hope that none of these events took you by surprise, but we realize that these may be new revelations. Our goal is to do a better job of telling our story and connecting with you throughout 2021. We are excited about 2021 and we hope that you will welcome our upcoming Newsletter into your email box and stay up to date on the latest and greatest happenings at BioRankings!

In the meantime follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn, send us an email; we would love to hear from you and celebrate your 2020 accomplishments.

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