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Expert statisticians for your data

The BioRankings team provides data analyses, consulting, and software to researchers in life sciences

What we do

Analysis and Consulting

BioRankings offers hourly or long term engagements to our clients that allow our team of expert statisticians and software engineers to support their analytics projects.

  • Statistical protocol development

  • Statistical analysis plans

  • Study design

  • Applied data analysis

  • Pipeline strategy

  • Clinical trial support

  • FDA application statistical support

  • Publication and poster support

  • Knowledge transfer

Software and Pipelines

BioRankings develops point-and-click software to streamline data analysis challenges in -omics research

Our Untargeted Metabolomics Automated Peak Detection Software is available NOW

What sets us apart

  • Deep domain expertise in statistical approaches for omics data

  • Focus on results interpretation for all stakeholders

  • Works collaboratively with R&D teams

  • Commitment to knowledge transfer of our expertise to clients

  • Focus on analytics pipelines and software to streamline analyses

  • Experience in creating custom databases for client needs

  • Domino Data Lab and AWS partner

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