Our statisticians work closely with animal and plant scientists to bring discoveries to light

Our team specializes in statistically analyzing complex, high-dimensional data

-omics Analytics

We have extensive expertise statistically analyzing -omic and multi-omic datasets for livestock, soil, and plants. We have been on the forefront of developing statistical methods to give you the most accurate results.


Untargeted Metabolomics


Traditional statistics are usually inaccurate or incomplete if used with microbiome data. Our approach normalizes this data so classical statistical methods apply.

Our statisticians have developed a way to detect peaks in untargeted metabolomics data automatically, within a few hours, and without bias.

When your studies use more than one omic technology, we can statistically analyze it using integrative methods that bring all your data together into one analysis.

Hypothesis testing


Power and sample size calculations

Full LC/MS core support

Automatic peak detection

Significant peak difference

Unbiased hypothesis testing

Dose response

Pathway analysis


Translational outcomes

Expert Statistical Consulting

Our statisticians and programmers are focused on finding the most effective way to get answers from your data. Our animal and plant science clients have access to seasoned statisticians that work collaboratively with experts so statistical conclusions line up with biological signals.

Statistical protocol development

Statistical analysis plans

Study design

Applied Data Analysis

Pipeline strategy

Internet-of-things (IoT) sensor data

We have developed statistics-based approaches for sensor data that limit the need for closed-box software

Instead of using boxed AI software that trains on massive, labeled historical datasets, our approach analyzes the data from your sensors prospectively, ensuring every analysis fits your specific situation and changes as conditions change.

This technology, developed in BioRankings, is currently being commercialized into software by Spoke Analytics. It is available to BioRankings consulting clients now.

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